MasterClass “high touch” sales sequence

MasterClass has a super interesting sales sequence on their homepage which in 6 steps gets you to purchase (rather than just showing you pricing right away). 

Step 1.) It gives a quick survey for what you want to learn. Answering this gets you “invested” in the product a bit more. 


Step 2.) It shows you some key information about MasterClass in the form of slides.

So instead of sending you straight to a payment page, they are making sure you understand the value of your membership.


Step 3.) They give you another quick “survey” which asks your dedication level. 

Each step of this sequence gets users more investing in purchasing.


Step 4.) Based off your answer it shows how long it will take to complete a class, giving a little “customization” to this sales sequence:


Step 5.) It then gives the amount of classes you’d be interested in based off your Step 1 survey answers:


Step 6.) Finally it shows you 3 different membership options. 

At this point you are a bit more “invested” in buying the membership rather than just sticking a pricing sheet in your face. Very clever!


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