Good friends bring up hard conversations

Good friends bring up hard conversations, even if it’s unpleasant.

If you see a bad habit a close friend is doing, it might be worth the difficult conversation to bring it up, because no one else will.

Often times they don’t KNOW they’re doing it, and someone telling them might be first step to solving it.

I’ve learned a few things when approaching this:

I’ve learned to first “ask” if someone wants feedback first. Only if they accept do I give it.

I also have learned to use the “Compliment Sandwich” where you start the conversation off with saying you love the person, and that’s why you’re bringing up this issue. Then you tell them the issue. Then you remind them that you are there to help with it.

In the past I’ve simply told people out of the blue, “YOU TALK TOO MUCH AND IT’S ANNOYING” and it can come off very abrupt and rude or like an attack 😬

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