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Here’s a full scrape of headlines and titles from ConversionXL:

The last 22 (part IV)21Yes
Mastering Mobile Popups23No
The Role of SEO in Growth25No
Free Mini-reviews (Part 2)26Yes
Introducing: The Pe:p Show26No
Don’t Do A/B Testing [Rant]27No
The Key To Customer Loyalty27No
How to Make Live Chat Convert29No
How To Sell To Impulse Buyers29No
9 Website Credibility Killers29Yes
In Defense Of The Email Popup29No
6 Smart Ways to Capture Emails30Yes
People Comparison Shop, Stupid30No
Why Your A/B Tests Are Failing30No
Which Color Converts the Best?30No
Your Customer Creation Equation31No
Where Should You Start Testing?31No
Top 20 A/B Ecommerce Test Ideas31Yes
2 Ecommerce Product Page Reviews32Yes
8 Effective Ways of Measuring UX32Yes
How to Get Form Validation Right32No
How to Get Traffic That Converts32No
How To Use Priming To Improve UX32No
What to Call Your Call to Action32No
Top 10 Most Read Articles of 201733Yes
How To Visualize A/B Test Results33No
What to Test First, Second, Third33No
Screw Traffic – Show Me The Money33No
How to Conduct a SaaS Funnel Audit34No
How-to Guide to Persuasive Writing34No
Invent a new category, charge more34No
Best Business Books of 2011 (IMHO)34Yes
Why A/A Testing is a Waste of Time34No
Ecommerce Best Practice Report 201735Yes
Three Hard Truths About A/B Testing35No
ConversionXL’s Top 10 Posts of 201235Yes
How to Avoid Being Deceived By Data35No
53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate35Yes
How to Build a User Research Culture36No
How to Market to the Reptilian Brain36No
Should I Lower My Prices To Compete?36No
How and When to Use Sex to Sell More36No
7 Ways to do Drip Marketing for SaaS36Yes
How to Kickstart Your Growth Process36No
Beyond “One Size Fits All” A/B Tests36No
5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design37Yes
5 Lessons I’ve Learned Working at CXL37Yes
This I Believe – 25 Thoughts for Life37Yes
5 Uncomfortable A/B Testing Questions37Yes
Should You Really Reduce Form Fields?37No
The Advanced Guide to Holiday Testing37No
How to Hack Growth When Growth Stalls37No
What’s a Good Conversion Rate? [Rant]37No
How to Deal with Outliers in Your Data38No
How to Use Social Media To Drive Sales38No
How to Optimize Videos for Conversions38No
How to Make Buying Easier on Your Site38No
How to Optimize Video for Every Medium38No
The Beginner’s Guide to Google Optimize39No
Emotional Design for Higher Conversions39No
How to Design a Home Page That Converts39No
Can You Turn Detractors Into Promoters?39No
Are Grammar Mistakes Costing You Money?39No
Top 10 Articles on ConversionXL In 201439Yes
6 Key CRO Lessons I’ve Learned As Editor40Yes
11 Things People Believe – But Shouldn’t40Yes
How Not to Minimize Cancellations [Rant]40No
Is Emotion Necessary To Make More Sales?40No
How to Master Lead Gen Form Optimization40No
Book Marketing Lessons from Brian Massey40No
How to Use Video to Increase Conversions40No
9 Skills Marketers Need in the Age of AI40Yes
Is Above the Fold Really That Important?40No
10 Principles of Effective Pricing Pages40Yes
The Battle of the Brand: CRO vs. Branding41No
When Humor Converts (and When It Doesn’t)41No
A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Visual Cues41No
18 Scarcity Examples That Can Boost Sales41Yes
How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate41No
How to Minimize A/B Test Validity Threats41No
How Much Copy to Write on Your Home Page?41No
How To Better Measure B2B Lead Generation41Yes
7 Key Lessons I’ve Learned Working at CXL41Yes
7 Poisonous Conversion Optimization Myths41Yes
39 Factors: Website Credibility Checklist41Yes
How to Do Conversion Attribution Modeling41No
The Advanced Guide to Qualitative Research42No
How to Optimize Out of Stock Product Pages42No
How to Build a High Performing Growth Team42No
Marketing with no budget: things that work42No
The 12 Principles Of Effective Blog Design42Yes
Should You Optimize for Micro Conversions?42No
When “Free” Converts (and When It Doesn’t)42No
The Optimizer’s Guide to Web Accessibility42No
How To Identify & Improve Crappy UX Issues42No
Key Insights from Elite Camp 2015 Speakers42Yes
The Advanced Guide to Emotional Persuasion42No
The Science of Increasing Customer Loyalty42No
Fear and Greed: What Drives Human Behavior?43No
Should You Put a Phone Number On Your Site?43No
How to Write Copy People Will Actually Read43No
Testing The Hamburger Icon for More Revenue43No
How To Boost eCommerce Sales With Upselling43No
5 Hardest Things in Conversion Optimization43Yes
9 Lessons Learned from Running a CRO Agency43Yes
How to Get People to Believe What You Write43No
How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages43No
How To Create Effective Email Drip Campaigns44No
6 Ways to Set Up Funnels in Google Analytics44Yes
The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Analytics44No
Hiring an Optimizer? Look For These 8 Traits44Yes
How Your Customers Actually Read Your Emails44No
Can You Trust the “Science” of Optimization?44No
2X Your Conversion Rate in Less Than 30 Days44Yes
How to Segment A/B Test Results to Find Gold44No
How to Improve Mobile UX with Digital Wallets45No
How to Optimize for a Lasting Positive Memory45No
Are You Providing Answers to Magic Questions?45No
Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting45No
A Quick Primer on B2B Conversion Optimization45Yes
Mixpanel vs. Google Analytics: The 2018 Guide45Yes
6 Logical Fallacies That Can Ruin Your Growth45Yes
Why You Should Embrace Transparency Marketing45No
The Lost, Ancient Guide to Better Copywriting45No
Product Bundling Strategy: How to Get It Right46No
Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels46No
PXL: A Better Way to Prioritize Your A/B Tests46No
5 Characteristics Of High Converting Headlines46Yes
Copywriting based on the science of persuasion46No
How to Use Single Keyword Ad Groups in AdWords46No
How to Improve Your Home Page [Website Review]46No
How to Get Better Results with Online Learning46No
How to Create Customer Feedback Loops at Scale46No
How to Run Marketing Experiments The Right Way46No
The Psychology of a Successful Testing Program46No
How to Curate Sitelinks to Increase Conversions47No
Does Swearing in Copy Make You More Persuasive?47No
When to Run Bandit Tests Instead of A/B/n Tests47No
7 Ways Form Accessibility Can Boost Conversions47Yes
8 Ways To Measure Satisfaction (and Improve UX)47Yes
14 Steps to Building Sign-up Forms That Convert47Yes
Great User Experience (UX) Leads to Conversions47No
Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Better47No
Ghost Buttons: UX Disaster or Effective Design?47No
How to Build Habit Forming Products w/ Nir Eyal47No
How Responsive Design Boosts Mobile Conversions47No
6 User Onboarding Flow Examples (with Critiques)48Yes
Sell More Stuff Online By Eliminating Click Fear48No
One-Tailed vs Two-Tailed Tests (Does It Matter?)48No
Should You Get Rid of Your Website’s Lead Forms?48No
Using Dual Process Theory for Higher Conversions48No
The Halo Effect: How it Affects Marketing and UX48No
5 Mobile Optimization Tactics for B2B SaaS Sites48Yes
Is Your SaaS Homepage As Optimized As You Think?48No
The 2016 State of Conversion Optimization Report48Yes
Why “Only One Change Per Test” Isn’t Good Advice48No
Pricing Strategies: 13 Articles You Need to Read48Yes
How To Start A Business W/ Noah Kagan of AppSumo48No
5 UX Hacks That Can Immediately Increase Revenue48Yes
The Million Dollar Optimization Strategy [Video]48No
Intelligent Agents: An A.I. View of Optimization48No
Demand Generation: Turning Tactics into Strategy48No
Dual Process Theory: How to Market to System Two48No
When Jargon Converts (and When It’s Just Cheesy)48No
How to Create a Conversion-Focused Tone of Voice48No
The Power of Defaults in Conversion Optimization48No
13 Empirically Backed Form Design Best Practices48Yes
When Conversion Optimization Best Practices Fail48No
Can You Run Multiple A/B Tests at the Same Time?48No
The Problem with Password UX (and How to Fix It)48No
The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report48Yes
Good Survey Questions: Master the Art of the Ask48No
19 Top A/B Testing Tools Reviewed by CRO Experts48Yes
How “Tag Management” Can Improve Site Performance49No
How to Run Effective Online Sweepstakes Campaigns49No
Where NPS Falls Short (and How to Put It to Work)49No
Top 10 Most-Read Articles on ConversionXL in 201549Yes
Is Your SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy Tsunami-Proof?49No
The Experiment Canvas: A Better Way to Plan Tests49No
How To Increase Perceived Value (and Charge More)49No
Website Reviews: How to Get More Blog Subscribers49No
Using Cohort Analysis for Conversion Optimization49No
10 Useful Findings About How People View Websites49Yes
The Wrong (and Right) Ways to Test Content Titles49No
9 Case Studies That’ll Help You Reduce SaaS Churn49Yes
8 Effective Web Design Principles You Should Know49Yes
Copywriting & UX: Why Copywriters Need Wireframes49No
9 Things You Should Know About Social Login & CRO49Yes
Top 10 Most-Read Articles on ConversionXL in 201649Yes
How To Optimize Mobile Pages To Drive Phone Leads49No
16 Ecommerce A/B Test Ideas Backed by UX Research49Yes
Top 10 Most-Read Articles on ConversionXL in 201349Yes
Why Buy From You (and Not the Other Guys)? [Rant]49No
How Data-Driven Marketers Are Using Psychographics50No
How To Use On-Site Surveys to Increase Conversions50No
How to Set Internet Marketing Goals and Objectives50No
Key Insights from Every Speaker of Elite Camp 201650Yes
Survey Design 101: Choosing Survey Response Scales50Yes
19 Things We Can Learn From Numerous Heatmap Tests50Yes
What You Need to Know About Marketing and Strategy50No
5 Factors Making Your Site More (or Less) Credible50Yes
The Greatest Factors Limiting Your Testing Program50No
Key Insights from Every Speaker of Elite Camp 201750Yes
What Do You Do With Inconclusive A/B Test Results?50No
How Many Variations Can You Have in an A/B/n Test?50No
How User Generated Reviews Affect Conversion Rates50No
Why the 4 Buyer Modalities Are Totally Meaningless50Yes
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Optimization50No
How Can We Really Measure The ROI of Optimization?50No
Google Analytics Audit Checklist: DIY Health Check50No
How People Read Short Articles [Original Research]50No
Critique: Increasing Your Conversion Rate (part I)50No
How to Build Robust User Personas in Under a Month50No
How to Setup Google Analytics and Segment Your Data51No
How to Get Started with Google Tag Manager (Part 1)51Yes
How To Communicate A/B Test Results To Stakeholders51No
Buyer’s Remorse: How It Impacts eCommerce Customers51No
What Are Heat Maps Good For (Besides Looking Cool)?51No
How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value51No
What you have to know about conversion optimization51No
Critique: Increasing Your Conversion Rate (part II)51No
How to Boost Website Sales – The Complete Checklist51No
A 10-Step Process to De-Risk Your Redesign Projects51Yes
So You Wanna Do CRO? It’s a Great Business to Be In51No
How Much Data Do You Need to Be Data-Driven? [Rant]51No
How to Get More Email Subscribers [Website Reviews]51No
User Experience Testing: A Conversion-Focused Guide51No
A Crash Course on A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns51No
How CRO Experts Build and Maintain Testing Roadmaps51No
Advanced A/B Testing Panel with Top Experts [Video]51No
A Primer on Wireframing for Conversion Optimization51No
Half of Your Site Elements Are Useless. Which Half?51No
The Hard Life of an Optimizer – Yuan Wright [Video]51No
Stopping A/B Tests: How Many Conversions Do I Need?51No
Why You Should Test on Mobile and Desktop Separately52No
How To Get Your Pricing Page Right [Website Reviews]52No
Your Test is Only as Good as Your Hypothesis [Video]52No
What Tools You Need When You Start a Testing Program52No
Long Form or Short Form Landing Pages? Why Not Both?52No
10 Rules for Winning (and Making More Money) in 201452Yes
11 Things That Work More Often Than Not in A/B Tests52Yes
5 Typography Tweaks For Better Web Design & Response52Yes
When To Do Multivariate Tests Instead of A/B/n Tests52No
How to Use Qualitative Research to Drive Conversions52No
6 Neuromarketing Stimuli That Speak to the Old Brain52Yes
Why Sites in High-Growth Industries Have Terrible UX52No
CXL Live 2018 Recap: Top 5 Lessons from Each Speaker52Yes
Empathic Design: Mapping Your Brain, Brand, and Data52No
Chatbots vs. Live Chat: The Questions You Should Ask52No
9 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Click-Through Rates52Yes
Post-Purchase Emails: How to Boost Retention and LTV52No
The Best Programming Languages for Digital Marketers52No
How to Drive Product Growth with Behavioral Personas52No
Ecommerce UX Mastery: Beginner to Pro in a Blog Post52No
When to Use Tabbed Navigation and How to Optimize It52No
The Beginner’s Guide to SaaS Conversion Optimization52No
How To Sell Conversion Rate Optimization To Your Boss53No
Why Your Customers Buy More When Value Outweighs Cost53No
The Scrappy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Usability Testing53No
A Guide to Open-Ended Questions in Marketing Research53No
The Advanced Guide to Promotional Emails That Convert53No
What You’ve Forgotten About Landing Page Optimization53No
6 Ways to Use Clarity to Improve Your Conversion Rate53Yes
Does Offering More Choices Actually Tank Conversions?53No
Banner Ads Suck (and How to Make Them Convert Better)53No
The 3 Step Approach To Successful Customer Engagement53Yes
Beyond Lead Gen: How To Optimize B2B Sales Enablement53Yes
4 Ways Animation Can Actually Improve User Experience53Yes
Using Luntz’s Words That Work to Ignite Your Web Copy53No
How to Recognize Great Conversion Optimization People53No
How To Make Your Brand “Likable” and Win More Revenue53No
How Do UX Professionals View Conversion Optimization?53No
Valence, Arousal, and How To Kindle an Emotional Fire53No
Stock Photography vs. Real Photos: Can’t We Use Both?53No
6 Clever Nudges To Build a Culture of Experimentation53Yes
Website Redesign for Higher Conversions? Tread Lightly54No
A Step By Step Guide To Building Customer Journey Maps54No
8 Ways To Keep Your Email Engagement Alive & Lucrative54Yes
How to Design an Ecommerce Checkout Flow that Converts54No
How to Write Copy for More Than One Audience on a Page54No
What Does the Future Hold for Conversion Optimization?54No
How to Do a Competitive Analysis: A Step-by-Step Guide54No
How to Eliminate Distractions and Increase Conversions54No
Predicting Winning A/B Tests Using Repeatable Patterns54No
6 Customer Journey Mapping Examples: How UX Pros Do It54Yes
4 Fundamental Product Pricing Strategies and Techniques55Yes
The Advanced Guide to Transactional Emails That Convert55No
What’s The One Thing That Creates High User Engagement?55No
Designing Landing Pages When Your Product Is Not Unique55No
8 Things That Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention55Yes
Build It With The User in Mind: How to Design User Flow55No
The Top 5 Reasons You Suck at Making Rational Decisions55Yes
Constructing Pricing Strategy For Subscription Products55No
How to Get Subscribers to Actually Consume Your Content55No
A Complete List of Things That Always Boost Conversions55No
5 Insights from Every Speaker of ConversionXL Live 201555Yes
Does “Going Viral” Actually Result in More Conversions?55No
5 Insights from Every Speaker of ConversionXL Live 201655Yes
B2B Marketing Attribution: Models, Tools, and Processes55Yes
What Really Matters For Promo Videos (3 Great Examples)55Yes
14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast55Yes
Spying on Your Competitors to Increase Conversion Rates55No
Pricing Research: The One Factor Everyone Forgets About55No
What is Split-Path Testing (and When Should You Use It)?56No
The Great Divide Between BS and Intelligent Optimization56No
4 Lessons Learned From 4 Years Of Non-Stop Data Analysis56Yes
How to Optimize a Site Without a Clear Online Conversion56No
5 Critical Factors for Optimizing Luxury Ecommerce Sites56Yes
7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program56Yes
53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools Reviewed by Experts56Yes
Lead Magnets: Ideas and Examples to Grow Your Email List56No
How to Build a Strong A/B Testing Plan That Gets Results56No
Ignorant No More: Crash Course on A/B Testing Statistics56No
The Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to Influencer Marketing56No
The Conversion Rate that Actually Matters in Mobile Apps56No
8 Email Segmentation Examples That Can Boost Conversions56Yes
How to Make More Money With Bayesian A/B Test Evaluation56No
Social Proof: What It Is, Why It Works and How to Use It56No
A/B Testing Mastery: From Beginner To Pro in a Blog Post56No
How to Use A/B Testing and Personalization Best Together56No
The Most Effective Ways to Analyze Session Replay Videos56No
How to Build and Structure a Conversion Optimization Team57No
Archiving Test Results: How Effective Organizations Do It57No
How to Develop a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy57No
Iterative A/B Testing – A Must If You Lack a Crystal Ball57No
How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More57No
Migrating to Universal Analytics Using Google Tag Manager57No
Serial Position Effect: Why Order Matters in Optimization57No
The Effect of Typography on User Experience & Conversions57No
Email Subject Lines: 8 Principles for Improved Open Rates57Yes
The 4 Phases For Developing A Customer Retention Strategy57Yes
Designing Your Website Flow To Meet Your Conversion Needs57No
Jonas Weigert on A/B Testing Beyond the Landing Page (Q&A)58No
How to Get Over Local Maximum? Everyone Hits It Eventually58No
Does Your Website Pass The 5 Second Test? [Website Review]58Yes
5 Questions to Ask When Approaching Digital Analytics Data58Yes
How to Analyze Your A/B Test Results with Google Analytics58No
12 Google Analytics Custom Reports to Help You Grow Faster58Yes
Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From58No
Which Types of Social Proof Work Best? [Original Research]58No
Visual Engagement Metrics: Your Optimization Secret Weapon58No
The Endless Suck of Best Practice and Optimisation Experts58No
Website Usability Testing: A Must for Boosting Conversions58No
6 UX Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)58Yes
Ridiculously Effective Technique for Online Lead Generation59No
Which Site Seals Create The Most Trust? [Original Research]59No
A Primer to Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program59No
Why You Need Business Development w/ Hunter Boyle of AWeber59No
Joel Harvey & How To Get More Phone Calls For Your Business59No
How To Create Customer Personas With Actual, Real Life Data59No
There is Nothing Magical About 95% Statistical Significance59Yes
4 Cases Where Short Home Pages Outperformed Long Home Pages59Yes
The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates59No
Adopting A Data Driven Approach To Increase Website Traffic59No
How To Do Conversion Optimization With Very Little Traffic?59No
3 Common SaaS Sign-Up Flows (and a Friction-Based Analysis)59Yes
18 Cognitive Biases You Can Use for Conversion Optimization59Yes
How to Find Correlative Metrics For Conversion Optimization59No
Common Growth Hacking Myths (and How Growth Actually Works)59No
6 Neurolinguistics and NLP Principles To Power Up Your Copy59Yes
Improving Mobile UX to Boost Conversions 24.5% [Case Study]59Yes
7 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)59Yes
The Narrative Fallacy in Optimization (and How To Avoid It)59No
Bayesian vs Frequentist A/B Testing – What’s the Difference?60No
No, You Shouldn’t Use Visual Editors of Testing Tools [Rant]60No
17 Obscure Persuasion Techniques for Conversion Optimization60Yes
The Presenter’s Paradox: When More Is Actually Less Valuable60No
How to Use eCommerce Email Marketing to Increase Conversions60No
How to Master PPC Targeting and Choose the Right Ad Platform60No
How to Get Organizational Buy-in for Conversion Optimization60No
The Beginner’s Guide to Email Segmentation & Personalization60No
The Science of Storytelling & Memory and Their Impact on CRO60No
Why I Unsubscribed 83,000 Emails (and Think You Should, Too)60Yes
How Personalized Marketing Can Increase Your eCommerce Sales60No
Convert More Visitors By Improving Your Internal Site Search60No
Mastering The Call To Action – Words, Color, Size & Location60No
25+ Call To Action Examples: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly60Yes
Microcopy: Tiny Words That Make A Huge Impact On Conversions60No
How to Structure Your Optimization and Experimentation Teams60No
CXL Institute now an Official Education Provider at LinkedIn60No
Beyond the False Bottom: How to Avoid This Costly UX Mistake60No
Top 5 Insights from Every Speaker of Digital Elite Camp 201860Yes
What Can You Do With Other People’s A/B Test Results? [Rant]60No
How to Use UX Research to Create Smarter A/B Test Variations60No
How to Measure Content Marketing ROI: A Simple 4 Step Process61Yes
It’s a Customer Development Problem, Not A Conversion Problem61No
SaaS Data Planning: A Start-to-Finish Guide to Implementation61No
Optimizing a Low Traffic Site for a 13.5% Uplift [Case Study]61Yes
Leading Indicators of Customer Churn, And What to Do About It61No
Using Negative Keywords To Attract Highly Qualified Customers61No
How to Get Started with Machine Learning and AI for Marketing61No
3 Unorthodox Methods To Enhance Matured Optimization Programs61Yes
A Quick Guide To Successful User Onboarding for SaaS Products61No
Case Study: How We Improved Landing Page Conversions by 79.3%61Yes
What Do You Do When Your Customers Are Afraid To Shop Online?61No
How to Choose Digital Marketing Channels for Long Term Growth61No
7 Mistakes That Hurt Your Email Relationship Building Efforts61Yes
Agile Marketing: How to Implement Scrum for Digital Marketing61No
Why eCommerce Product Filtering Is Broken (and How to Fix It)61No
Your Organization Really Doesn’t Want Optimization To Succeed61No
The Optimizer’s Guide to Proper Website Quality Assurance (QA)62No
How Habits Are Sabotaging Your Conversions (and How to Fix It)62No
19 Psychological Tactics for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns62Yes
Reducing churn is critical to the success of your SaaS company62No
How to Generate More Sales From Your Email Marketing Campaigns62No
The Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You’ve Always Had62No
5 Easy Ways To Destroy Organizational Support For Optimization62Yes
Why You Shouldn’t Assume How Users Feel About Your Site [Rant]62No
How to Make Your Confirmation Emails Not Suck (and Make Money)62No
How Call Tracking with Google Analytics Increases Your Profits62No
Intuitive Web Design: How to Make Your Website Intuitive to Use63No
Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Conversion Rate in Google Analytics63No
4 Things That Work More Often Than Not For Mobile Landing Pages63Yes
How Unbounce Used Webinars To Increase Free Trial Starts By 35%63Yes
Does Your Website Get People To Take Action? – Website Reviews63No
Why Sites Are Getting Personalization Wrong (and How to Fix It)63No
The Complete Guide to Writing Product Descriptions That Convert63No
First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Great Visual Design63No
How To Write “Compelling” Copy When You Don’t Have An Audience.63No
7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns63Yes
Beauty Pays: Beautiful Websites (and People) Get Better Results63No
Is Your Value Proposition Clear & Compelling? [Website Reviews]63No
Don’t Mess Up Your Website Redesign: An Evidence-Based Strategy63No
Why Keyword Themes +Modified Broad Match = Winning PPC Strategy63No
7 Web Form Optimization Insights from Testing Hundreds of Forms63Yes
6 Ways You’re Messing Up Customer Surveys (and How to Fix Them)63Yes
Purchase Decisions: 9 Things to Know About Influencing Customers64Yes
How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%64Yes
12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time64Yes
How To Persuade People Online – 17 Lesser Known Jedi Mind Tricks64Yes
How to Optimize an Affiliate Marketing Program for Profitability64No
F-Patterns No More: How People View Google & Bing Search Results64No
5 Popular eCommerce Trends That Might Be Costing You Conversions64Yes
How to Use Smoke Tests to Validate Your Product or Feature Ideas64No
A really good course on storytelling and creating content. Free.64No
Innovative Testing: What It Is, What It Isn’t and When to Try It64No
7 Easy and Effective Customer Segments to Target in Facebook Ads64Yes
Useful Value Proposition Examples (and How to Create a Good One)64No
Think About Customer Experience, Not Just Conversion Optimization65No
Web Analytics Analysis: How to Find Business Growth Opportunities65No
Why Website Templates Are Not Optimized (and What to Do About It)65No
Sample Pollution: The A/B Testing Problem You Don’t Know You Have65No
How To Use Interactivity to Increase Engagement (and Conversions)65No
Retention Optimization: How to Increase the Value of a Conversion65No
How To Make Mobile Convert: The Most Common Mobile Store Mistakes65No
Online Manipulation: All The Ways You’re Currently Being Deceived65No
13 Unconventional Landing Page Strategies To Increase Conversions65Yes
4 Frameworks To Help Prioritize & Conduct Your Conversion Testing65Yes
How to Build a Top 1% Growth Team 3x Faster than Your Competition65Yes
The Psychology of SaaS Lead Nurturing: How to Get to “Yes” Faster65No
How to Maximize Sales from Abandoned Carts with Cart Regeneration65No
3 Ways to Increase Conversions by Increasing Contextual Relevance65Yes
Everything You Need To Know About Creating Killer Explainer Videos66No
7+ Under-Utilized Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights66Yes
Sell More By Being Human and Building Relationships With Your Copy66No
10 Product Recommendation Techniques to Improve UX and Conversions66Yes
4 Ways to Use Visual Hierarchy to Improve UX and Boost Conversions66Yes
Making Marketing Training Work: Closing Skills Gaps, Proving Value66No
Social Commerce: What It Is, What It Isn’t and Why You Should Care66No
Maximizing Your Autoresponder Campaign: Content, Length & Frequency67No
How Product Image Size Impacts Value Perception [Original Research]67No
Why (and How) Optimizers Should Take Advantage of User State Models67No
6 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies With Surprising Results67Yes
Do Review Stars on Google Help Click-Through Rate? [Original Study]67No
5 A/B Tests You Should Be Running on Your Landing Page Opt-In Forms67Yes
Which Visual Cues Work Best To Drive Attention? [Original Research]67No
Email Retargeting: Not Just For Websites & Display Networks Anymore67No
How to Handle Mobile “Moneyball Syndrome” & Cross-Device Attribution68No
CXL Live 2017 Recap: Optimization & Growth Insights from 20+ Experts68Yes
11 Low-Hanging Fruits for Increasing Website Speed (and Conversions)68Yes
3 Things Beginning Conversion Optimizers Completely Miss The Mark On68Yes
Cialdini’s 7th Persuasion Principle: Using Unity in Online Marketing68Yes
High Velocity Testing: Should You Really Move Fast and Break Things?68No
How 8 Different A/B Testing Tools Affect Site Speed (Original Study)68Yes
7 Underused Email Campaigns That Will Help You Nail Your Conversions68Yes
Facebook Ads vs. AdWords: How to Decide and Start Optimizing for ROI68No
How “False Expertise” Can Damage Your Business—and How to Protect It68No
16 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)68Yes
Voice Search Strategy: Surviving (and Thriving) in Ecommerce and B2B68Yes
Is Your Lead Magnet Something People Actually Want? [Website Review]68No
Psychological Backfiring: What No One Tells You About Neuromarketing68No
Running Before You Walk: What You Need to Know About Personalization68No
How & Why You Should Invest In Getting Good Testimonials w/ Examples68No
11 Analytics Experts Share Their Favorite New Features of GA and GTM68Yes
Ecommerce Checkout Funnel Review: How Vintage King Audio Can Improve68No
How to Come Up with More Winning Tests Using Data [ResearchXL model]68No
Customer Data Platforms: The Next Big Shift in SaaS Marketing Stacks?69No
Is Your Website Getting In The Way Of Making Sales? – Website Reviews69No
10 Statistics Traps in A/B Testing: The Ultimate Guide for Optimizers69Yes
Personalization: How to Build a Revenue Boosting Program from Scratch69No
Server-Side Vs. Client-Side A/B Testing Tools: What’s The Difference?69No
5 Tactics to Changing How Your Organization Thinks About Optimization69Yes
How to Use Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion to Boost Conversions69Yes
Why Linear Funnels Are a Simplified Reality (and What to Do About It)69No
The Growth Marketing Process: How to Shake Your Growth Hack Addiction69No
How to Boost Conversions with Voice of Customer Research [Case Study]69No
Everything You Need To Know About Designing Valuable Customer Surveys69No
Why Comparison Shoppers Aren’t Converting for You (and How to Fix It)69No
Error Messages: Common Mistakes, Best Practices, and Lots of Examples69No
The Presentation of Your Value Proposition Matters [Original Research]70No
The Intersection of SEO and CRO (and How to Maximize Long Term Growth)70No
How Users Read the NYTimes Website – 2004 vs. 2016 [Original Research]70Yes
Is Your Site User Friendly & Conversion Optimized ? – Website Reviews70No
9 Common Things that Stunt Business Growth (and What to Do about Them)70Yes
Spray and Pray Doesn’t Work: How to Identify and Target Micro Segments70No
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wework wecrashed timeline

While I understand over zealous management killed off WeWork, I am a bit saddened by this because I had WeWork offices all over the place and loved them.

Of alllll …