How To Write Headlines Video

This is a quick 5 minute tutorial from Neville Medhora on how to write headlines using “Lenses.”

Here’s a breakdown of the lenses mentioned in the video:

“Competitive” Lens:

Imagine you’re hopped up on caffeine and writing to a guy who has way to much muscle for his height.  That’s the tone you want to convey when writing through the “Competitive” Lens:

  • Beat the competition!
  • Aggressive!
  • A-type personalities!

You will be coming up with headlines that show dominance and power over their peers:

  • “Beat the HELL out of your friends on your next round of golf”
  • “Dominate the search results, and leave Page 2 of Google for your competitors”
  • “There’s a losing team, and a winning team.  Which do YOU want to be on?”

I personally enjoy writing in this tone because it’s fun.  I will say this attitude will appeal more towards men than women (about 80% men and 20% women in my experience).



“Benefit Driven” Lens:

Just show them what they get by using your product.  Pretty straightforward form of messaging.  Will appeal to:

  • Analytical people
  • Rational-minded people
  • Methodical people

You can use a lot of statistics, testimonials, or feature comparisons.

This Lens is helpful to wear when selling a software product.  It’s usually just best to SHOW them the benefits the software or service will provide for them.

  • “81% faster than any other WordPress host”
  • “Use InfusionSoft and it will handle your entire sales funnel”
  • “By viewing your page as a heat map, you can instantly tell what your customers are clicking”


Inspirational Lens:

“You can do this too!”

With the “Inspirational” Lens you want to show what’s possible for someone if they buy your product:

  • “Even non-computer nerds can have a WordPress site with zero technical knowledge”
  • “You can write headlines like a professional copywriting in the KopywritingKourse
  • “Get the job of your dreams delivered to your email inbox”
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