Intercom’s “versus” page

This sales page focuses entirely on why Intercom is a better choice than its main competitor, Zendesk.

It’s strong because:

  • It’s specific.
  • It’s packed with social proof.
  • It’s likely to show up when someone searches “Zendesk vs Intercom” or “Zendesk alternatives”.


Here’s how the page is built:

  1. Strong headline specifically positioning Intercom vs Zendesk.
  2. CTA to start a free trial.
  3. Impressive stats backing up their claim.
  4. Impressive client logos.
  5. 3 top reasons why to choose Intercom over Zendesk.
  6. Features section with more details.
  7. Strong, impressive testimonial.
  8. Benefits section with more details.
  9. More strong testimonials and impressive client logos.
  10. More features + benefits.
  11. Another strong testimonial.
  12. Final CTA to start a free trial.
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