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Hey David, I noticed you’ve got different pictures on your LinkedIn and AngelList accounts. Ran them through a voting process, turns out the photo on the right performed 50% better!



From the results we’ve seen at our own firm, you might want to change your LinkedIn photo to the highest rated one. I know it sounds silly, but we see better results with our salespeople when they use highly rated pictures!

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Craigslists Photography Post

Full Photography Sessions in Austin: Just $100

I am a photographer here in Austin who can do a 1-hour photoshoot with you:

I can take the

Facebook Photography Post

Hey friends! As you know I do photography on the side, and would like to offer friends a 1-hour photoshoot for just $100.

In this photoshoot we can take professional …

Craigslist Website Script

Title: WordPress websites made for $100 right here in Austin!

Body: WordPress websites made for you right here in Austin!
– Flat $100 fee for full website setup.
– 24 …

Facebook Group Website Script

Hey friends! If you’re ever wanted a website built, I’m doing a special deal where I’ll setup a full WordPress website for you within 24 hours for only $100.

Any …