LeadPages cancellation page

leadpages cancellation page

Highlights a couple of user-friendly cancellation terms:

  • You can access your account until the end of the subscription term (you don't get locked out immediately).
  • If you want to reactivate your account, all your work is saved for the next year.

You can choose from a list of reasons why you're leaving.

This makes it quick and easy to leave some feedback.

Based on the reason why you're leaving, Leadpages will offer extra support (in this case, training) to help solve the problem.

It's not intrusive, not pushy, and allows Leadpages to give users highly relevant, automated support.

This section also includes a polite message asking the user to authorize future marketing.

This open-ended format allows readers to leave more detailed feedback.

Again, it's non-intrusive and easy to either fill out or skip.

Having this all on one page makes the quitting process easy - unlike other brands with multiple pages and confusing exits.

This cancellation page is great because:
  • It tries to provide additional, highly relevant customer service connected to the user’s reason for quitting.
  • It’s quick + easy to use. Everything is located on one page.
  • It’s friendly. The tone is polite and helpful, leaving the user with a good experience right up until the end of the relationship.
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