The “Brain Dump” method to writing headlines

You’re gonna make a couple of subject lines and start filling them in.  At first your subject lines (or headlines….whatever) will suck.  That’s ok.  That’s what PRACTICING is for.

I just made a blank list like this:

Subject 1: s
Subject 2: s
Subject 3: s
Subject 4: s
Subject 5: s

Then we started filling them in with just a stream-of-conscious:

Subject 1: How to write headlines (sucky)
Subject 2: How to write headlines that sell (alright) 
Subject 3: How these 2 weird headlines sell $10,000,000 of product every year (whoa!)
Subject 4: Use this headline to (possibly) double your sales (not horrible)
Subject 5: My all-time highest selling headline (good)

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