The “Don’t Hire Us” Page

Instead of using a “Hire Me” page like the rest of the world, this web design company has a “DON’T Hire” page.

It looks weird on the menu and is too tempting not to click.

It’s also a great way to exclude potential clients who aren’t a good fit (i.e. people looking for low prices).

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Hidden pricing structure for AltMBA

Seth Godin’s been way ahead of the online cohort game, starting AltMBA years ago. It’s interesting how they show their pricing:

…they don’t!

It’s hidden in a random FAQ page.


Shoe profits bar chart

Wow…this graphic shows a surprising conclusion:

When Nike sells a $100 shoe, they make only $5 in profit.

Chat GPT:

Wow, the data presented in this graphic is truly eye-opening …