How stuff used to be sold: Weird Tales Magazine 1927

Back in the day this is how things used to be sold. Advertising in the back of speciality magazines was a huge business.

This was how copywriting started. Since it costs a lot of money to buy one of these ads, you wanted to make sure it was ultra-optimized to convert well.

So copywriters would constantly test ads to make sure they get the highest return.

This ad is from Weird Tales Magazine from 1927.

1914 Wrigley’s Gum Print Ad

Love how Wrigley’s added a practical use for their gum.  Chewing their gum after every meal will help with indigestion. Chewing it before will help you build an appetite.…

1960’s Band-Aid Print Ad

Great use of call-outs on this image “Need this many?” pointing to three Band-aids on one knee. “Try this.” pointing to one single larger Band-aid.…