Two ideas for Twitter

I’ve had two ideas for Twitter I’d like to put out there:

IDEA #1.) Allow people to browse email like a Twitter feed. 

Email makes me click back & forth hundreds of times per session.

Instead, show me a scrolling interface for email that pulls up first part of an email. I can double-tap to load the rest. Soon as I “scroll by it” it archives the email. No need to do another action to archive it.

Benefits of this:
– There are ~4billion email users.
– People do 40 to 120 emails/day.
– People are on email half the day.
– SMTP is an open protocol so anyone’s email can transfer to Twitter.
– Better email would contribute to “Unregrettable User Minutes” as Elon puts it.

As people “scroll their email” Twitter can insert ad spots between emails like regular twitter. Ad inventory would boom if 100’s of millions of people would “scroll their email” on Twitter.

40 to 120 emails per day, ad spot every 20 slots.
2 – 6 extra ads/user/session = $$$

Try getting to “Inbox Zero” on your email client, and count how many clicks/swipes/backs/archives you must do.

The Twitter interface allows me to intake hundreds of posts with simple vertical scrolling.

tl;dr: If email is integrated with Twitter, lots more usage + UUM


IDEA #2.) Allow voice memos on Twitter.

It could look like this, with auto transcription:

Pro’s of Voice Tweets:
• You can “Voice Tweet” a thought quicker than typing.
• Adds another layer of media onto Twitter.
• It’s almost like short form podcasts.

• Would make browsing Twitter partly audio.
• Would have to limit length to avoid rambling.

I wonder if a small-scale test could be implemented on this, and how it would effect Twitter 🤔