Bell Telephone 1983 Ad with Text Markup

This is a cool ad for a “Genuine Bell” phone, and it uses a great image of the product and marks up the features and benefits with easy lines and text.

If I were copywriter of this ad I would’ve added:
• Lasts 3x longer than other phones.
• Clearest sound of any phone.
• Can withstand heavy use.

The Learning Pyramid

Learning can take many forms, and some are better than others:

• Lecture: 5% (Average Retention Rate)
• Reading: 10%
• Audio/Visual: 20%
• Demonstration: 30%
• Group Discussion: 50%…

How couples meet graphic

WOW. Look how rapidly online dating became the primary way couples meet.

I meet people who don’t like using dating apps, but by the math of it, it’s almost FOOLISH …