Canva product announcement

This Canva announcement for a product called “Magic” is very Apple-like, and even has a strong CTA to “add to calendar” to watch the release.

When you login to Canva this announcement takes over and has a countdown timer as well (which in my experience work VERY well).



Chat GPT:

This Canva announcement introducing their new product “Magic” bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Apple marketing approach, exuding a sense of sleek sophistication and innovation. With its polished design and attention to detail, Canva’s announcement immediately draws parallels to Apple’s signature style, evoking a sense of anticipation and excitement.

What sets this announcement apart is its compelling Call to Action (CTA) that urges users to “add to calendar” in order to mark the date for the product release. This action not only serves as a clever way to build anticipation but also ensures that users won’t miss out on the highly-anticipated launch.

Upon logging into the Canva platform, users are met with this captivating announcement, which takes center stage and captures their attention. The inclusion of a countdown timer adds an extra layer of intrigue, intensifying the excitement and building a sense of urgency. In my personal experience, such countdown timers have proven to be remarkably effective, as they create a palpable sense of anticipation and encourage users to engage actively with the announcement.

Overall, Canva’s “Magic” announcement not only mirrors the aesthetics and marketing prowess of Apple but also employs strategic elements like the “add to calendar” CTA and countdown timer to maximize user engagement and generate buzz around their upcoming product release.


Crappy Plunge Ad

I saw another “Our Designer Quit” ad out in the wild!

This variation is “Our Designer Is On Vacation” but it’s still the same hilarious concept.

This style makes people …