Cool graph shows time to launch a product, get a customer, and product market fit

How long it took each of these companies to:
▲ Launch a live product
◼ Get their first customer
⚫️ Get Product Market Fit

I’m not the biggest fan of the symbols they used (a little confusing IMO) but still cool!

Chat GPT: 

I’m intrigued by the journey each of these companies undertook to achieve significant milestones: ▲ The duration it took to bring their live product to fruition, marking the moment when their vision transformed into a tangible reality. ◼ The pivotal milestone of acquiring their very first customer, signifying the initial trust and validation of their product or service. ⚫️ The fascinating journey towards achieving Product-Market Fit, where their offering seamlessly aligns with the needs and desires of their target audience.

While the symbols used to represent these milestones might seem a tad perplexing at first glance, they undeniably add a unique and captivating dimension to the narrative of each company’s path to success.