Discord Vs. Slack

I didn’t realize Discord (the free gamer version of Slack) was so gigantic.

Even the SimarWeb traffic estimates show Discord traffic is far higher:

Chat GPT:

It truly caught me by surprise to fully grasp the sheer enormity of Discord, often regarded as the free counterpart of Slack, catering predominantly to gamers. As I delved deeper into this realization, it became abundantly clear that Discord’s impact and scale are nothing short of astounding. Even when scrutinizing the traffic estimates provided by SimarWeb, the data unequivocally illustrates that Discord’s web presence and user engagement far surpass any preconceived notions one might have had. The extent of its reach and influence is truly remarkable.

Zoom Etiquette Chart

If someone hits a vape during a call I don’t think I’d mind that much 😂

Music in the background? Well that’s just rude.