Cool graphic categorizing all the ways to make freelance money

“How do I make money?” This graph has answers! Just glancing at it you’ll discover a ton of different services you probably didn’t even know about for making some side money.

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Looking for ways to boost your income? Look no further! This graph is your treasure trove of money-making opportunities! With just a quick glance, you’ll unlock a wealth of diverse services and ingenious strategies you likely never even considered for earning extra cash on the side.

Q2 is near

Whatever your 2024 goal is, you have 9 more months to complete it

❌ Q1: January, February, March​
✅ Q2: April, May, June
✅ Q3: July, August, September
✅ Q4:


Total Addressable Market

When looking at market size it’s helpful to look at the realistic amount you can capture.

TAM: Total demand for a specific product/service in a market.

SAM: Portion of TAM