disguise’s home page before/after

disguise is a collaborative software tool for BIG visual productions, like concerts, theater shows, and major outdoor events.

The problem is, their home page doesn’t do a good job explaining what it is, how it works, or why it’s important.

disguise’s Hero section is especially weak.

Issues BEFORE the rewrite:

  1. Vague headline: “create together” could mean anything.
  2. No explanation: There’s no subhead explaining what the tool does or who it’s for.
  3. CTA with no context: Without #1 and #2, it’s hard to imagine someone opting into a free trial.


Improvements AFTER the rewrite:

  1. Clear headline: it identifies a clear purpose for the tool.
  2. More explanation: the subheader identifies who the tool is for and why they should use it.
  3. Easier CTA: with a clearer headline and subhead, this CTA should perform better.
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