GQ outfit photo with callouts

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GQ has been creating some of the best fashion product photography since way before e-commerce was a thing.

They take an entire outfit and break it down into its components.

If a reader wants to recreate the look, they’ll have everything they need.

In this photo, GQ breaks down a Thom Browne suit worn by LeBron James.


What’s great about it:

  • It’s an attention-grabbing photo, it’s like a model shot without the model.
  • Instead of adding text to each callout, they save the info for the caption (see below). This keeps the image clean and more visually engaging!

GQ comments caption

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Figma to Production

I’ve been moving designs from Figma into actual live pages, and this meme captures it perfectly 😂

Design mockups look so awesome in Figma, but when actually translating them into