GQ outfit photo with callouts

gq lebron suit
Clean callouts Modeled clothes (without the model) Caption packed with info

Clean callouts

Text-less callouts keep the image clean and focused on the clothes.

Modeled clothes (without the model)

Usually you see clothing pictures as flat-lays or on a person. This in-between approach is rarely done and it's attention-grabbing.

Caption packed with info

There's lots of info to go along with this photo. If they'd stuck it into the callouts, the image would be really busy.

Instead, they keep the image clean and still deliver all the text in the caption.

GQ has been creating some of the best fashion product photography since way before e-commerce was a thing.

They take an entire outfit and break it down into its components.

If a reader wants to recreate the look, they’ll have everything they need.

In this photo, GQ breaks down a Thom Browne suit worn by LeBron James.


What’s great about it:

  • It’s an attention-grabbing photo, it’s like a model shot without the model.
  • Instead of adding text to each callout, they save the info for the caption (see below). This keeps the image clean and more visually engaging!

GQ comments caption

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