Nick Gray “Friend Update” Email

Nick Gray Friend Email
Describing what's in the email Why you're getting this Casual picture Random Links Day Routine The End

Describing what's in the email

This is a nice little description of what people are about to see. This builds trust in the email so you don't waste people's time.

Why you're getting this

He's super upfront and honest who he is, why you're getting the email, and even gives an unsubscribe link right there if you're not into these emails!

Casual picture

Just in case you don't know who this email is from, he's got a great image of himself with a recent event.

Random Links

These are random cool links he likes, in case some of his friends might like them too.

Day Routine

This is a casual walkthrough of Nick's day. This is probably at least entertaining to his friends, and some might find useful habits from this.

The End

He gives a friendly farewell to his friends, and shows them where else they can follow him.

This is an amazing email by Nick Gray (founder of Museum Hack) where he updates his list of friends with random stuff from his life.

This email is awesome because:

  • It lets his friends/family  know what he’s up to.
  • He tells his friends about products he genuinely likes
  • He is creating content that’s interesting and fun, and not just “How To” articles his friends might not want to read.

This is a really create form of content and email!

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