Grabbing headline Pop-Tart Ad

This headline really creates quite a bit of curiosity with the giant headline “Oops! We goofed”

I didn’t WANT to read the smaller print of this 1964 ad, but HAD to! Turns out they are showing that they’re out of stock of Pop-Tarts because they’re so popular.


Speedy Wash Pricing

When you go through a car wash with different pricing options, does it ACTUALLY make a difference?

I’ll usually select “The Works” but I’m not sure it does anything different …

Q2 is near

Whatever your 2024 goal is, you have 9 more months to complete it

❌ Q1: January, February, March​
✅ Q2: April, May, June
✅ Q3: July, August, September
✅ Q4: