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(Email Subject Line): Hey…I screwed up.

You know how sometimes you screw up and just say D’OH? This is one of those times…

I’m the owner of HouseOfRave, and instead of sending a box of finger lights to the warehouse, I sent them to my house by accident. Dummy. I know.

Now normally this isn’t a huge deal, but I ALSO stocked the warehouse full of finger lights (to the brim). So instead of cluttering up the warehouse, I need to keep them at my house.

Now HouseOfRave used to literally be run out of my garage until we grew too large and had to move to a warehouse, so I kind of want to re-live the beginning days as a budding entrepreneur….I always had fun sending out orders myself!

I have about 500 of these finger lights at my house and a shipping label machine… you see where I’m going here? You do? Great!

Well, I want to BLOW THESE THINGS OUT of my house in a hurry, so I’m going to offer ONLY subscribers to this newsletter and past customers this chance to get your hands on a set of these fingers lights below their cost ($1.98 for a 4-pack of finger lights…as a business owner I HATE
this idea)…

These finger lights are the HouseOfRave best sellers of all time. They’re priced low, fit everyone, and can be used for a million different reasons.

I thought everyone who bought these would use them for dancing on the dance floor….boy, was I wrong! We’ve had creative customers use these for:

  • Night lights for kids scared of monsters under their beds.
  • Light up Halloween costumes.
  • Stop motion photography air-writing.
  • TV Shows have used them as add-ons to prop laser guns.
  • Some parents found their autistic child was calmed when
    wiggling and watching these things on his fingers.
  • People put them on remote controlled cars as “headlights”.
  • Plumbers and electricians use these to light up hard-to-reach places.

The list goes on….get the point? Good. Onwards…

You can see the pictures and videos of these things all day long on the website (here), but you can’t wait long to order at this price (Hey, I don’t want my house to be a messy shipping warehouse for TOO long).

I’ve got 500 of these suckers just laying here, but DON’T think that’s “a lot” of finger lights. Because on a typical day, we sell anywhere from 100 to 300+ (and that’s at the regular price of $5.95)!

Now, given that we sell up to 300 of these things on a typical day at full price, I have no idea how fast we’re gonna sell out of these 500 sets at only $1.98 a pop.

But I CAN promise you this: Once these special-priced finger lights are gone, they’re gone for good. And that’s it. First come, first serve.

We’ve NEVER offered a deal this generous before, and I can promise that you’ll NEVER see a price this low again. (Technically, because of the rules set by our manufacturer, we’re not even allowed to do this. But given the circumstances, I have no other choice)!

Here’s how to get your hands on a set of these special-priced finger lights today:

1. You MUST order using the following link below (if you try ordering directly from our website, you’re gonna see the regular price of $5.95).

2. Because of these extremely UNIQUE circumstances, there is a STRICT LIMIT of 24 sets per person at this price. Here’s the link to order now:


Neville – Owner of HouseOfRave

P.S. I’ll put an “out of stock” notice soon on the page when I sell out of the 500.

Remember: First come, first serve!

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