No caffeine for the next two weeks.

I’m just gonna do it: I’m not gonna drink caffeine for the next two weeks.

I’ve tried tapering off and keep failing, so it’s time to rip the Band-Aid and go cold turkey.

I’m posting here for accountability…..otherwise I’ll slide back into the sweet sweet sensation of caffeine 😬

My last caffeine was 10am yesterday (Thursday), I assume withdrawals will kick in within 24 hours from then.

“What’s the big deal?? This doesn’t sound hard!!” That’s what I thought, and every time I try to give up caffeine for a bit I cave after 2 days.

I drink between 250mg and 400mg of caffeine per day in either the form of black coffee or sugar free energy drinks.

I love caffeine, but it’s now become a MUST HAVE in the morning and not an optional thing. I just hate that I’m dependent on it and want a reset.

I purposely picked a weekend to suffer through the caffeine withdrawals so I don’t have much work to do.

February 22nd (two weeks) I’m allowed to have caffeine again