Category: Print Ads

Marketing, Copywriting, and Direct Mail all got started with the invention of mass printing.  Since then paying for placement in a physical publication has become an art, and a science. Here are some classic high converting print ads for inspiration, and sometimes just sheer beauty.

Old War Jeeps Sale Ad

After World War II the military began auctioning off thousands of Jeeps to civilian companies. This was a magazine and newspaper ad that advertised ow hood style Jeeps.

The ads …

Japanese Fanta Ad

While we’re not sure what this 1960’s Fanta Ad is saying, it’s beautiful imagery shows us an ice cold Fanta with the new pull tab technology.…

Maruchan Instant Noodles Ad

This is a great magazine ad from Maruchan Instant Noodles, complete with a great headline pun:

“If you’re in hot water at lunchtime,
it’s time for the Instant Lunch.”

Now …

Spam & Pancakes Print Ad

This great 1941 Spam & Pancakes ad shows readers “alternative uses” for the Spam product (aka eating with pancakes).

A great way to increase product usage!…