Project Hail Mary

My “Splurge” recommendation today costs a grand total of $13.

It’s an AMAZING book called Project Hail Mary, and it’s been my most recommended book in the last few years (and the one I’ve let the most amount of people borrow)!

You may recognize the author Andy Weir, he wrote “The Martian.”

This is his third book and in my opinion the best (even better than The Martian which is an already amazing book).

Book 1.) The Martian: Great book!
Book 2.) ArtemisMeh.
Book 3.) Project Hail MaryAmazzzzing book!

I like this book because it’s “hard science fiction” which means the story is not real, but the physics in the book are real.

I don’t even want to tell you about the book, because it has some great reveals and stuff you’d never expect, so I don’t want to rob you of that.

My favorite thing to do is recommend this book, people start reading, then every few days they call and are like, “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE ______!!!!!”