The 4 C’s Copywriting Formula

The 4 C’s Formula is a checklist you can use to edit any piece of copy.

Clear: Is it direct and easy to understand?

Concise: Is there anything you can remove that wouldn’t change the effectiveness of your message? How can you say it in fewer words?

Compelling: Is it actually interesting? Or is it going to put someone to sleep?

Credible: Do you back up your claims with proof?

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Toaster Heat Setting Visual Chart

This is a cool chart sent along with a toaster that visually shows the different heat settings.

The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 don’t really mean much, but …

1953 Revere Ware Cooking Tools Ad

This is a simple and effective print ad showcasing the entire lineup of a cookware brand, and it gives an image and quick description of each product.…