The 76° Apple Store Screen Tilt

In Apple Stores all screens are tilted at exactly 76° degrees. This is so you move the screen with your hand…interacting with the product more and making you feel more attached to it.

They use protractors to measure the screens:


The laptop screens are measured at 76° as well:

Isn’t that level of obsession so hilariously “Apple-like”? 😂

I remember Earl Nightingale telling a story from the 1970’s about a top television salesman (I’m paraphrasing this):

“I was speaking to the top television salesman at a department store, and he said the secret to knowing who would buy is to see if they were playing around with the knobs.

If they are touching the TV, flipping and turning things, they are far more invested in the TV and far more likely to buy.”

Guess the 76° Rule isn’t so crazy!



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Crappy Plunge Ad

I saw another “Our Designer Quit” ad out in the wild!

This variation is “Our Designer Is On Vacation” but it’s still the same hilarious concept.

This style makes people …