Wealthfront testimonial and social proof mash up

“Over 465,000 people are using Wealthfront to earn more and worry less.”

This one liner hit on many levels:

  1. Social proof – Over 465k customers
  2. What’s in it for you – Earn more money
  3. Trust – Worry less

This one line doesn’t work by itself. It is backed by the rest of the copy on homepage. Plus the big financial media outlets mentions below the one liner: “as featured on”


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Great word-of-mouth recommendation flyer

Super cool word-of-mouth flyer I saw at an event that had all the right elements:
– A polite request for recommendations.
– Explains what the company does.
– Shows social …


Cool Econoline Van Ad

This Ford Econoline ad didn’t need many words…rather it just showed this cool-ass looking van on the beach.

Also the paint scheme totally reminds me of Karbach Crawford Bock beer …