4 main ways to scale

If you want to build something big (or run a small company with large outputs), you need to some form of “scale.”

There’s 4 main ways to scale:

1.) Scale with Code
2.) Scale with Media
3.) Scale with Product
4.) Scale with People

With the advent of new AI tools that can do more-and-more tasks, the people that can utilize those tools will scale even further.

1.) Scale with Code/AI

If your product consists only of computer code, this is the easiest form of scaling because you can run that computer code trillions of times for almost zero money:

2.) Scale with Media

You can create a piece of media, then show it over-and-over again at virtually zero cost.

Looks at these videos I made 4+ years ago…till this day, everyday, they bring in views/subscribers/buyers. Pretty good for something I did ONCE 4 years ago:

3.) Scale with a reproducible product

Once you’ve designed a machine/process to build a product, you can crank out a bunch of them quickly, getting you to “scale.”

4.) Scale with People

Almost any process can be scaled, but some of them currently require real humans, not just computer code or AI.

For example a writing agency can assign different tasks to different people, and output a lot of writing:

With AI getting better, these people can become even more effective and create more output.