“Units of Luck”

Instead of think of “Luck” as some nebulous concept, think of it like a unit of measure.

In other words: How many “Units of Luck” are you producing for yourself?

Warren Buffett talks about how lucky he is:

  • Two parents
  • Speaks English
  • Born in the United States
  • Born during a time when USA was booming

Each one of these added “Units of Luck” to his life.

Here’s other ways to add “Units of Luck” to your own life:

  • Be hard working, and willing to do more than someone else.
  • Take more shots than other people normally do.
  • When young try many different things, weed out stuff you don’t like, do more of what you do like.
  • Share your thoughts on the internet, this can attract other like-minded people into your network, no matter where they live.
  • Go to places with successful people. Cities, events, gatherings etc.



  • You create “Luck.”
  • “Luck” isn’t a quality you have, it’s a quality you build.
  • You can create more “Luck.”
  • People who create a lot of “Units of Luck” get lucky.