Consulting on a platform

One regret I’ve had is not putting my consulting on a platform.

This tiny hidden page is what 100% of my consulting has come through 😂

That dumb page has results in hundreds of consulting calls over the years, I reserve Tuesdays for them, and they are great fun and educational!

  • You get to hear people’s cool stories and numbers.
  • You get exposed to a bunch of different industries.
  • You get to advise on marketing tactics and see the results.
  • You make some extra cash.
  • You get clients out of it.

But my big mistake has been…

Not putting myself on a platform and building credibility through those hundreds of sessions.

I wish I could reverse by a few years, and built tons of reviews and credibility on either:,,, MentorPass etc…

While consulting is not scaleable as other business activities (which is why I relegate it to just Tuesday’s), I feel like personally LEARN a ton from other people, and make genuine connections as well (plus get paid for it).

This will probably be something I try to build up in Q3 of the year.

Step 1 is going to be picking the right platform to build on. I’m undecided about this still. I just made a profile on Intro here and will try that first:

Step 2 would be to build up reviews and results on some platform.

While UpWork is associated with cheap hourly work, it has 50m+ views/mo, is world-wide, has many high end workers, and now has a consultation feature:


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