Daily life check-in

I heard a friend talking about a daily check-in practice his team does at work called: P.E.I.

You rate each of these from 1-5:
Physical: How you feel physically.
Emotional: How you feel emotionally.
Intelligence: How sharp or clear you feel.

Everyday when they meet the team shares their PEI. This lets you know if someone is grumpy, or isn’t 100% fit to do a certain task.

Years ago I made a small checklist to see why I would be grumpy on some mornings.

…however this PEI methodology is much simpler and better.

On a day where you are:
Physical: 2
Emotional: 2
Intelligence: 1

…that may not be the ideal day to do creative work. So you know you need to rest up and handle your life before you’re at optimal creativity.

I thought this was a cool check-in practice and hope you try it out!