“The Quiet Toy” Crayola Ad

Know who your actual customer is.

For example: If someone is buying Crayons…it’s the PARENT not the child spending the money.

This 1979 Crayola ad appeals specifically to parents who want their kids to be creative, inventive, and explore their artistic ability….

“Get your kids to sit down and be quiet for a few minutes so they leave mom alone!!”

They know their customer 😏

The Learning Pyramid

Learning can take many forms, and some are better than others:

• Lecture: 5% (Average Retention Rate)
• Reading: 10%
• Audio/Visual: 20%
• Demonstration: 30%
• Group Discussion: 50%…


How couples meet graphic

WOW. Look how rapidly online dating became the primary way couples meet.

I meet people who don’t like using dating apps, but by the math of it, it’s almost FOOLISH …