Great unsubscribe email from Drizly

Sometimes using a “pattern interrupt” is great way to grab attention. A “pattern interrupt” can be something something that’s a little different than normal, and gets attention in an otherwise mundane task.

For example: This was a fun unsubscribe email from Drizly with a funny pattern interrupt! You get this funny copy and dog that tries to make you 2nd guess your decision of unsubscribing.

The “OMG look at his little glasses” part got me 😂


When un-subscribing to an email there’s normally a boring thing like this:

But that fun copy and glasses-dog potentially make you re-consider 🙂

Another example is this extremely goofy gif on the homepage of Copywriting Course:

I’ve always wanted to make that area more professional, but the reason I keep it like that: That silly gif gets a 10% to 12% conversion rate.

That means out of 100 people that land at that page, 10 or 12 enter their name and email (which is pretty good).

I’ve never been able to out-perform that number with other tests so far!