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Good copywriting is about transmitting information from one brain to another brain, and sometimes IMAGES are better at doing that than copy!

The Pareto Principle in action

The Pareto Principle states 20% of activity will account for 80 percent of results.

You can see it demonstrated here on certain consumer products.

Things like detergent, chocolate, and toilet …

Internet Users Over Time

In 2003 (20 years ago) around 700 million people were on the internet. Now it’s nearly the entire planet. 

Many people in 2003 felt they missed their “big shot” after


Luxury Bag Pyramid

This is like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Luxury Bags. It’s broken down by:
– The Supremes
– The Legacies
– The Classics
– The Contemporaries
– The Accessible

A cool marketing …