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Good copywriting is about transmitting information from one brain to another brain, and sometimes IMAGES are better at doing that than copy!

IBM typewriting ball element ad

This wild looking metal ball embossed with letters was the innovation behind the IBM Selectric Typewriter (13m+ sold).

Normally people don’t care *how* something works, but this mechanism was so …

Cool style guide for 1920’s man

I like how this one image represents a complete style-guide for a 1920’s era man with this simple chart. A bunch of information easily understood through this chart!

A few


AI Wheel Chart

This wheel-style chart breaks down the hundreds of recent AI tools that’ve been coming out.

This wheel-chart looks like it was modeled after this Feelings Wheel:


Shaky Digital Infrastructure

This XKCD graphic came out in 2014 after a small database of code…which happens to secure all the traffic on the internet…went out of date. It showed how dependant modern …