Morrow Mechanical Air Conditioning Direct Mail Flyer

Whoever wrote this letter has DEFINITELY taken a cue from old Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy sales letters.  This was a piece of mail that came in an envelope and read more like a “letter” than a “flyer” like a lot of the examples above.  This was a great mailing (it’s not “pretty” in the traditional sense, but I can tell it probably performed extremely well)

Red areas are most likely to attract attention, followed by Yellow/Orange areas, and Blue areas. Areas that have no color overlay are unlikely to attract visual attention.

The Regions Report graphically represents the likely distribution of visual attention during preattentive processing.

Any area or object that is identified as one of the first 4 predicted fixations is highly likely to be noticed at first glance, regardless of its 1, 2, 3, or 4 order.

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TrustPilot Direct Mail Brochure Style Flyer

This is a great “brochure style” direct mail flyer sent out by TrustPilot. They designed it almost like a website sales page, showcasing the reviews that TrustPilot provides and why it helps your business.   INSIDE OF FLYER: BACK OF FLYER: