Neville’s 40th Birthday

Last week was my 40th birthday, and I’m thankful to have friends/fam that surprised me with like 2 weeks worth of celebrations! Think I got like FIVE cakes for this bday 😂

The week before my bday a group of us went to Mexico City:

I got several Mexico City bday surprise cakes 🙂

A Spa Day…

Then back in Austin a surprise party on actual bday:

Then over the weekend a BIIIGGGGGGG SURPRISE came when I was lured out to the lake with the help of Sam and Sara:

Where a bunch of friends were waiting and surprised me in the driveway of this dope house with the “Dancing Tesla” feature where it plays music and flashes the lights 😂

I got ANOTHER cake!

I was so surprised, had no clue this was happening:

My friend Noah was there (also a lot of people wore onesies) 😂

He cooked an awesome lunch one day:

Noah also did a full roast 😂

My friend Nick Gray was there too:

He organized a bunch of fun games including “Sardines” and “Celebrity”:

One day we all jumped in the lake….and it was 37F degrees outside 🥶

Then immediately jumped in the hot tub 🙂

The house was ammmmaaazzziinnggg:

Someone really thought through all the details:

It was probably one of the best layouts of any house I’ve ever been in:

Anyways, it was an awesome birthday and I was thankful for that and all the fam/friends involved in putting it together!!