The Circle Of Influence

“The Circle Of Influence” concept can be applied to your business:

• Circle of Control: You can completely control these.
• Circle of Influence: Can’t fully control, but can influence.
• External Circle: Can’t control these at all.

Let’s fill it out →

“Circle of Control” is things you have 100% control over, and should most focus on the most, such as:

• Your product
• Your social media
• Your website
• Your emails
• Your customer service


“Circle of Influence” is things you have SOME control over, but can’t 100% control them, such as:

• Your employees
• Your SEO results
• Your product reviews
• Perception of your product
• Word of mouth marketing

“External Circle” is things you shouldn’t “worry” about because you have no control, but rather learn to adapt around them, such as:


This concept is a variation of “The Circle of Influence” concept on what to worry about, and what NOT to worry about in your mind: