This Is Earl Nightingale

Here’s a funny story how over the years I’ve swung the price of this book (This Is Earl Nightingale) from $15 to over $450 several times.

Currently if you search this book it’s at $244:

….yet 5 days ago it was about $20 🤔

So I talk about this book all the time. I originally bought a copy ~15 years ago that was signed by the author Earl Nightingale:

If I’m ever confused, pissed off, sad, or lazy (or other non-desirable state)….I pick up this book and open a random chapter:

Within a few minutes of reading one of the chapters (each 1 to 3 pages long), I generally have a paper/pen out and am jotting out the quickest solution to my problems.

It’s almost like a sure-fire way to make me feel better since it gets me thinking RATIONALLY about an issue I may have, rather than just “oh poor me complain complain complain” shitty circular thinking that gets you no where.

So for a $15 book I bought 15 years ago, it’s had massive returns for me!

So 5 days ago I posted an Instagram Reel about the book, and I watched the price go from $20, to $150+, to $200+ 😂

It’s a combination of enough people wanting to buy an original copy (no longer printed), and a very limited supply of those copies, plus this isn’t like a super popular book lots of people sell:

I personally have an affinity for this book because it was one of my most-referenced books of the last 2 decades.

Earl Nightingale has so much wisdom that’s sometimes tough to swallow and very matter-of-fact.

Here’s some fun little nuggets of wisdom from it:

“Your total environment is an exact and merciless mirror of you as a human being.” 
– Earl Nightingale

“The amount of money a person receives will always be in direct proportion to the demand for what he does, his ability to do what he does, and the difficulty of replacing him.” 
– Earl Nightingale

“A happy plumber makes a greater contribution to the world than a miserable university professor.”
–Earl Nightingale

“We become what we think about. People who think about becoming lawyers, become lawyers. A bad environment makes you think bad thoughts. A beautiful environment makes you think beautiful thoughts.” 
-Earl Nightingale