What will humans do?

As AI keeps getting better, people ask: “What will humans do?” 

The answer is:
One human will do what used to take many humans.
For example….

It used to take a team of 50 humans to manually light oil lamps that illuminated a few popular streets in a city:

…now a team of 50 can run the entire electrical grid and illuminate every street in the same city in an instant.

Or it used to take a department of 10 humans to receive, sort, deliver, and send mail for a company. Handling tens of thousands of pieces of physical mail.

….but now as 1 person and a laptop, I’ve personally sent out over 15,000,000 emails this year.

It used to take a team of 100+ humans with T-square rulers and drafting tables to create blueprints for a simple building, with many potential errors. 

…now 1 human can copy/paste detailed CAD models with electrical, internet, and HVAC conduits and thorough safety checks.

AI and technology amplify human capability. 

Think of a process or company that needs 10, or 50, or 100 humans to operate…now imagine in 20 years being able to do that entirely by yourself.

By the way, all the art used in this essay was 100% generated by AI! I show you how in this training video I just made (CC Members Only):

….by the way, I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT just released by OpenAI. You can watch me test it out here and ask it questions like how to get rich and to write code for me:

If anything overtakes Google Search, it’ll likely be something like this: