WPEngine landing page for Genesis Pro

wpengine landing page genesis pro
Demo Video Top Features More targeted features

  • Great value prop statement; makes it clear what it does and who it's for.
  • CTA buttons link to the pricing page or a sales rep

  • Highlights 3 highly relevant benefits Genesis Pro offers the user.
  • Very clean design and clear writing.

Demo Video

  • The video introduces Genesis Pro's highlights with a brief slideshow.
  • It also features the site builder actually being used, showing off its speed and simplicity.
  • The explanations are delivered via written commentary, not voice. That way, viewers can understand what's being shown without having to turn on their audio.

Top Features

  • Highlights the most attractive elements.
  • Like everywhere else on the page, the text is concise, direct, and easy to understand.

More targeted features

  • Highlights 3 introductory points showing off Genesis Pro's usability.
  • Includes a screenshot for each point, giving the reader a sneak peek inside the tool.
  • This is a great way to target new users who might think it's too technical for them. These points make it feel easy to use right away.

  • Another simple, direct CTA.
  • Buttons link to the pricing page or a sales rep.
  • Makes it clear that if you have WPEngine, you can get Genesis Pro - whatever level your plan is.
This is a strong landing page offering Genesis Pro as an add-on for WPEngine users.
What’s great about it:
  • The copy on the page is really direct and practical.
  • The demo video does a great job showing off Genesis Pro’s usability.
  • It’s a well-designed page; simple, engaging, and persuasive.
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