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Hi Jason,

Today, we’re announcing a brand new course: How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance.

This is the only course that shows you what millionaires know about investing, spending, risk, saving, and freedom that 99% of people don’t.

If you’re doing well and you’ve already mastered the basics of personal finance, I want to show you what comes next.

I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the advanced personal finance system I use to manage my money today, including who I work with, my own asset allocation, and how I protect and spend my money.

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In short: “What’s next?”

OK, let’s get specific about what you get when you join How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance.

The 13 lessons in the course detail every aspect of advanced personal finance:

My Personal CFO – Go inside my “Advanced Personal Finance System”

Advanced personal finance optimizations (you know I love optimizations)

How to reduce your taxes

Grow your investments – What I’m investing in now and how your allocations change as you grow

How to protect your wealth – As your assets grow, this becomes more and more important

Behind the scenes of my personal finance team – See exactly who’s in my team, how they work, and how I retain control over everything

A new model for money management – Rethink how you manage your money

The invisible costs of DIY personal finance

How to build your Team of Experts from scratch (and how to customize it for your exact situation)

How to overcome your invisible money scripts – Even high earners and advanced investors have invisible scripts. This lesson shows you the scripts to look out for as your net worth grows (and how to rewrite them)

The best money I ever spent – One surprising secret to advanced money management: it’s not just saving and investing. Learning how to spend is important, too

What’s your #1 Money Dial? – This might be my favorite lesson in the whole course. This is a totally new concept we go really deep on

How to use money to live a better life

Advanced Personal Finance —

How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance also includes a wealth of bonuses, examples, and deep dives:

3 vaults of bonus worksheets, tools, and templates. All in, you get over a dozen hands-on tutorials, word-for-word email scripts, and fun challenges to make applying what you learn fast and easy.

Advanced Personal Finance
This course includes 12+ bonus worksheets, tools, and templates to help you apply what you learn fast and easily. See the full collection here.

Psychology “deep dives.” How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance includes material to conquer the subtle psychological barriers you’ll encounter as your wealth rises, including how to deal with risk, when to DIY, and how to worry less and enjoy your wealth more!
Lots of examples. We’ve included examples and case studies throughout the program so you can see how other people apply the strategies and tactics of advanced personal finance.

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I want to show you “what’s next” for you and your money.

But you DO need to act today.

How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance closes this Friday, 7/27, at 11:59pm Pacific.

All the details are here:

Join How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance

– Ramit

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P.P.S. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for advanced personal finance, I recommend you check out the product page. I included benchmarks to help you decide. My student support team is available to answer questions via that page as well.