Home page with explainer videos

Veed.io is a tool that allows users to edit social media videos with text overlays, subtitles, music, and other features.

What’s great about it:

  • Instead of just talking about what their tool does, the home page actually shows it in action with videos.
  • Each section is dedicated to one clear message.
  • The demo videos consistently feature the same model.
  • They’ve name-dropped a list of really impressive clients, like Visa and Facebook.
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MoonClerk home page

MoonClerk’s home page is really strong, from top to bottom.

  • It starts off with a great headline that explains exactly what MoonClerk does (and how quickly it does it).
  • It

Oberlo Home Page

Oberlo’s home page is great.

  • The hero section is clear, direct, and easy to understand.
  • It’s got a great image highlighting an attractive benefit (potential ROI).
  • The CTA is