Matthew Barby’s SEO course email announcement

Here’s a simple yet effective email Matthew Barby sent out about his SEO traffic group.


Subject: Traffic Think Tank registration is OPEN



The time has come.

Traffic Think Tank enrollment is officially open for the next 72 hours.

After this, we won’t be taking on any new members this year.

Unsure about whether it’s the right fit for you?

Well, tell me if this sounds a little like your current situation…

You don’t have time to read 1,000 blog posts. Or the budget to run endless experiments. You’re already spread way too thin to chase every shiny new tactic.

You see a new case study every day from someone claiming they grew organic traffic by 10,000% and you want a piece of that.

Thousands of backlinks. Millions in revenue. Content that gets picked up in every major publication around.

What if you could learn directly from the people behind those results?

Imagine being able to post your challenges and get their advice any time. Or being shown the behind-the-scenes strategies that drive those massive wins.

Imagine being walked, step-by-step, through a blueprint for growth that you can apply directly to the project(s) that you’re working on.

This is exactly what Traffic Think Tank is all about.

I’ve partnered up with two tried-and-tested SEO experts – Nick Eubanks (Founder of I’m From The Future) and Ian Howells (Director of SEO at LendingTree) – to create an exclusive community that’s everything you need to grow your SEO skills.

As a member of Traffic Think Tank, you’ll get exclusive access to the following:

  1. Private Slack Community: This is the soul of TTT, where you can post Q&A, share ideas and learn together with a community of smart owners, consultants, in-house marketers and affiliates.
  2. Live Q&A Sessions: join me, Nick, and Ian live as we field your questions on link building, content, technical SEO, process-building, client acquisition and more.
  3. Monthly Webinars: alongside the live Q&A, we’ll be sharing webinars exclusively with members that go into detail around all aspects of traffic growth and conversion optimization. We’ll even be inviting in industry expert guests to run deep-dive webinars.
  4. 100+ Hours of Members-Only Content: get instant access to a private archive of actionable posts, videos, and training resources you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, get exclusive content from guest experts you couldn’t hire at any price.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

We’re only taking on new members for 72 hours, and we’ll be placing a hard cap on the number of new members that we bring in to ensure that we can deliver the maximum value possible.

Oh, and once the 3 days are over. There won’t be any chance to join until later next year.

To avoid missing your chance, go to and secure your spot now.

Claim Your Spot Now
See you on the inside.


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