CodeMentor’s simple blog notification email

This is a very simple yet clickable blog post notification email. It’s format is:
Subject: How Much Does it (Really) Cost to Make an App?

Hey Neville, did you know that the time smartphone users spend on mobile apps has doubled since 2011? Making popular apps doesn’t have to be just a dream. But how much does an app really cost?

Look no further — we analyzed the costs of some of the most popular apps in 2017 and came up with a formula:

You may be thinking: What if my app needs web servers? Would it be cheaper if I hired someone from Poland instead of the U.S.? Are Android apps more expensive than iOS apps?

We got that covered too. Get the full breakdown in our blog post.


Jovian from CodementorX

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TechCrunch event marketing email

This email does a succinct job of getting people to buy one of two types of tickets for their event.

Subject: Pop quiz…


What would you prefer:

a. A …

Udemy enrollment confirmation email

When you enroll in a course with Udemy, they send you a simple email like this designed to get you to start the course.

Subject: Neville, welcome to Graphic Design …