Personalized Direct Mail Drop for Manual Therapy Clinic

A Manual Therapy clinic in Austin blanketed downtown with this mail drop that comprises mostly of tests, and reads more like a sales page than a simple flyer.

Heatmaps highlight areas of the image that are likely to receive attention within the first 3-5 seconds:


Regions show the probability of where a person will look in the first 3-5 seconds:




Visual sequence shows the most likely path that the human eye will follow when viewing the image:


Lydian Dental Direct Mail Flyer

This is a good and simple direct mail flyer that features prominent contact information, coupons, map, and even Google Reviews.



Wine Trail Ranch Liquidation Flyer in Austin

This is an interesting direct mail flyer for a “Liquidation Sale” of ranch property with cabins. The interesting thing to note is that it doesn’t include a website…you MUST call …