Why write lots of copy, when you can show a picture?

➡Show Don’t Tell!⬅

Here’s some graphics that convey wayyyy more information in a small space rather than large amounts of text.

Show Don’t Tell #1.) The 12 Major Hair Types

There’s a lot of different hair types, but this chart makes classifying them very simple with examples of each:

Is there something in your industry you could simply explain with a graphic like this?


Show Don’t Tell #2.) Keep guacamole green!

This combination of images and callout text taught me something I never knew….several ways to keep avocado guacamole nice and green for longer!


Show Don’t Tell #3.) Different types of pasta

This helpful chart instantly taught me more about pasta than I’ve ever know, thanks to a quick combo of images and a little text:

Show Don’t Tell #4.) The hardness scale in one image

This simple graphs shows a lot of helpful data in one simple-to-read chart. I love how it relates “hardness” to everyday things we can understand like a “fingernail” or “copper coin.”

I’m gonna refrain from making any jokes 😂

Awwww F it I’m gonna make one joke!!

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