I have been using this site called CaveDay.org

To combat being a lazy asshole who goofs off all day, I have been using this site called CaveDay.org. It’s a place to virtually co-work over Zoom, and I’ve used it a ton this month!

Normally I do 1-hour work sprints, but yesterday I did a 3 hour “Work Cave” with 80 other people on the call.

Essentially it’s virtual co-working, but done really well!I love to co-work, in fact I get more done in co-working sessions than an entire day being alone.

I regularly invite people over to work with me:

….but scheduling in-person co-working is hard, and sometimes we just chat a bunch and don’t do solid work. Also it’s really hard to setup co-working EVERY SINGLE DAY with friends.

So instead I “Book a Cave” and join the Zoom call with others who are also working:

I’m currently writing another book, and finding long periods of focused time to write is difficult, so I’ve been using CaveDay a ton…as well as for my daily regular work.

Full Disclosure: I’m not part of CaveDay, it’s just a product I like, and I’m using affiliate links in the description (if you join from my link I get a small cut).