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These are Swipes that throw off some good advice or wisdom.


There’s an amazing subreddit called /r/fatFIRE which is full of people trying to be F.I.R.E. (Financially Independent Retire Early)

“FAT”-FIRE means they want to retire, but in luxury style.

So …

ChatGPT voice feature

Wow…the ChatGPT voice feature is incredible.

In the shower I can say, “I’m preparing for a podcast interview, give me some tips.”

Or on a walk with AirPods I can …


“Learning Pyramid” chart

This is a cool chart that shows how much people remember from different mediums of learning. 

  • 5%: Lectures
  • 10%: Reading
  • 20%: Audio/Visual
  • 30%: A demonstration
  • 50%: Discussing in a group