Category: Advice

These are Swipes that throw off some good advice or wisdom.

“Learning Pyramid” chart

This is a cool chart that shows how much people remember from different mediums of learning. 

  • 5%: Lectures
  • 10%: Reading
  • 20%: Audio/Visual
  • 30%: A demonstration
  • 50%: Discussing in a group

Take small steps

This image is a cool demonstration why it’s better to take smaller steps.

Instead of “I want to make $1,000,000 right now” try “I’m going to make $100 this week.”…


Survive a Dog Attack Guide

I enjoy seeing lots of information in a small area, and this “surviving a dog attack” guide fits the bill. It uses simple animations and quick captions to teach something


AI Tools Listicle Chart

I like this list for it’s format. It has the 6 best tools from each type of category. With the pace AI tools are moving, this list might change every

Funny neck pain image

While this is meant to be a funny image, people can totally relate to this! On one hand you wonder why your neck might be stiff, then you realize for …